EGOHS GbR has been founded in 2002 by Christian Stephan, PhD, and Michael Hamacher, PhD, both biologists by training. Due to their work in the field of life science, they gained a profound insight into Science of the third millennium.


During the last decades it became more and more obvious that Science cannot be separated in detached parts anymore. In fact, all results from all disciplines should rather be combined in order to synergistically retrieve added-value from all facets of Life Science. Therefore, it seems reasonable to verify theories from Genetics with the help of biochemical methods as well as to study proteins involved in hereditary diseases on the genome and proteome level. However, searching the databases of genes, proteins and literature remains time-consuming and often ineffective, as many of these databases can be described as unstructured, redundant, insufficiently annotated and un-validated. This may lead to the “re-invention of the wheel” as results and analyses cannot be found properly, so that studies are re-done without notice of previous works.
In addition, today scientists have to face a big workload of administrative tasks, so that scientific work nearly has taken a back seat. Besides congresses and meetings, analysis strategies have to be elaborated, time-consuming funding proposals have to be written and publications have to be published. Little time is left for the optimal presentation of the scientific work, though this is the most important part when focusing on the career. Major mistakes are missing introduction, irritating structure and confusing layout often lead to lack of interest within the audience.
EGOHS GbR has analyzed these challenges and elaborates individual solutions in iterative customer meetings. The portfolio includes:
•    Strategy and Contact
•    Writing of national and international funding proposals
•    Consulting
•    Data-Mining
•    Publication


EGOHS also provides profound expertise in Chemistry and especially in coating. Due to long-term knowledge, we are specialized on concept design, engineering and support in regard to patenting.

Information Technology

Information Technology is the overall braces within the work of EGOHS, as IT is essential for nearly all areas of Science and Economy. To compete with the international competitors, all details from suitable hardware (PC, server, cluster) to the necessary software (intelligent databases, data mining tools) and web-based presentations (homepages) should be considered well – with the expertise of EGOHS.