EGOHS has already implemented numerous projects in the field of Life Science.
The most important partner is the Capsid GmbH, a collaboration from the very beginning. EGOHS is conducting a major part of the daily tasks of Capsid´s Jobvector homepage, the largest Life Science career portal in mid Europe (



For the Bio.NRW supported project PROFILEa website was designed with an own template.

MedEcon Ruhr e.V.

EGOHS has developed a database for MedEcon Ruhr e.V., summarizing all scientific institutes within the Ruhr area. The concept included investigation and data acquisition.




Capsid GmbH

EGOHS GbR cares about the support as well as database administration of Capsid´s Jobvector homepage. EGOHS has provided press releases and translations (German to English). During the Biotechnica fairs EGOHS has been a competent partner for Capsid GmbH in 2005 and 2006.







There has been numerous contacts and collaborations with the "Verband Biologie, Biowissenschaften & Biomedizin in Deutschland" since the very beginning, in order to represent the association on fairs, congresses etc.