Information Technology

The division Information technology is the new understanding of interdisciplinary work of the EGOHS GbR. There are several very good informaticians out there but without the basic knowledge and the adequate background software development results in not mature products.
Often missing functionality or unused functions are the results of this ignorance. Therefore the EGOHS GbR combines the informatics knowledge with the competence of Biology and Chemistry. The resulting Bioinformatics is the first time naming like.
Starting with the right concept going on with the targeted development results in testing the milestones with the main focus to the practical use of the users.  By using modern techniques the user is during the development process contacted to improve the product on time. For the first time already established software solutions are used overcome the obstacle of interdisciplinary knowledge use by brake through the own horizontal background.

Antaco GmbH

For Antaco GmbH a totally new web page was designed and a new template was generated as the customer desired. Additional modules for live video presentations are implemented.




Warburg-Glycomed GmbH

For the Warburg-Glycomed GmbH a totally new website was generated by using a modern content management system.





Fundamenta Capital AG

For the Fundamenta Capital AG a new website was generated and re-factorised as the customer desired to an modern content management system.




Medizinisches Proteom-Center

For the "Medizinisches Proteom-Center" (MPC) a website was re-factorised to a modern content management system.






For the German Society of Proteome Research (DGPF) a re-factorisation of the website was done to an new content management system.